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Disc brake pads TRW MCC120-8

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  • Motorcycle clutches are vital to safety and performance, providing the all-important link between the engine and the wheel. Manufactured from the most durable of materials to maximize both safety and performance, we offer a choice of motorcycle clutch friction plates to suit almost every application.

    The TRW Motorcycle Clutch friction plate range gives you:

    • Maximum performance and precise transmission of power.
    • A wide range of clutch friction plates with different friction materials to suit any engine size and application.
    • Motorbike clutch friction plates for oil-bath and dry clutches.
    • Special clutch parts for Harley-Davidson and BMW.
    • Special solutions with the Powerkit and the Competition friction material
    • Racing clutch friction with exceedingly heat resistance, durable and resistant to extreme mechanical stress.


    TRW Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plates – better by design

    TRW Motorcycle Clutch plates deliver the robust performance and long part lifespan that keeps customers satisfied. TRW is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of safety critical, original equipment quality in automotive braking, steering and suspension parts and systems, and we’re always working to refine every element of the complete systems. TRW Clutch Friction Plates offer excellent durability and consistent performance at highest temperatures. Power transmission is guaranteed, even under most extreme conditions. We offer different friction materials for an excellent match of the specifications of the original part, and optimised dimensions and design help maximise power transmission.


    Motorcycle Clutch friction plates with a comprehensive range of friction solutions

    TRW Motorcycle Clutch Friction Plate sets come with different friction materials to suit almost any engine size and application. We offer a wide range of friction solutions for touring and sports bikes, custom bikes and racing, and off-roaders, quads and ATVs. Special parts for Harley-Davidson are also included as dry clutches for BMW.

    • For maximum strength, choose the TRW "Competition Kit" where the high carbon content of the friction material guarantees stable pressure point and exceptional control. With a “Competition Kit”, riders can use the motorcycle as they want to, with no weaknesses in the transmission, while an intelligent mix of materials gives maximum service life with optimum friction properties.
    • TRW “Power Kits” are specifically designed for BMW and Ducati motorbikes. Available for many models of these legendary brands they come as complete sets with clutch friction plates and steel plates as complete sets. TRW “Power Kits” convince with highest wear resistance and top performance even at extreme temperatures.
    • Racing clutches from TRW are exceedingly heat resistant, durable and resistant to extreme mechanical stress. Their ultimate friction material makes them ideal for use on the track or for sporty riding on the road. The friction material is based on a compound with a high carbon content and selected raw materials. This gives the friction clutch plates perfect grip and allows for maximum transmission of power.

    On the racetrack, TRW racing clutch components show their full potential. They retain their shape even under extreme temperatures and high pressure. This prevents clutch slipping or sticking even at the highest speeds and torques. The clutch works with absolute precision, ensuring perfect control and maximum safety. Ideal for performance enhanced motorbikes and for racing use!

    Product details

    External diameter 1 (mm)136
    External diameter 2 (mm)125
    Internal diameter 1 (mm)101
    Internal diameter 2 (mm)108
    Thickness 1 (mm)2.7
    Thickness 2 (mm)3
    Weight (kg)0.514
    EAN code3322937092963
    Part application date16-

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